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Monday, 7 March 2011

Full Restoration of E-Type Jaguar

This was the end result, of a full restoration of this fantastic looking E-Type Jaguar, we were approached by the owner to do all the paint work for the car, after we had done some insurance repairs on a Land Rover and a Bmw for the company he owns.
The car actually belonged to his Father, and at some point in the past he had promised his Father who had had the E-Type for a number of years, that he would get the car restored to its former glory.
He was carrying out all the mechanical and interior work himself, so gave us the car piece by piece to prepare and paint.
We started with the main chassis, doors and boot, As the car had had a number of repairs in the past, and a total repaint at some point. The owner applied to Jaguar to find out what the original colour of the car was, so that it was back to its original colour. We then took the car back to bare metal before repairing any imperfections as you can see in the picture below.
He then had them back so he could start the rebuilding of the engine and the interior of the car.

He then gave us the front, which comes in one piece, and was the hardest part to prepare, due to the fine lines of the E-Type this took a fair few hours, as we didn't want this car having a lot of filler used on such a fine car.

The result was an E-Type that looked brand new, he had made a great job of the rebuild.

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